Meyer Rohtbart M.D.


  1. - Psychiatry
  2. - ADD/ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders
  3. - Couples Therapy
  4. - Family Therapy
  5. - Addiction Recovery Services
  6. - Family Business Consulting
  7. - Executive Coaching


  1. 30+ years as a psychotherapist, psychiatrist and therapeutic humor researcher
  2. Certified in neurofeedback for Children and Adults
  3. Certified for medical Marijuana in state of Pa
  4. Providing clinical services to individuals, couples, groups and families
  5. Coaching executives, teams and family businesses
  6. Faculty member of University of Pennsylvania school of medicine
  7. Director Depression Research Clinic H.U.P 1975-79
  8. Faculty, Reconstructionist Rabbinical collage


  1. Integrative psychiatry is about forming a respectful and effective relationship that includes novel solutions for stress induced problems. It is a systems approach.
  2. Psychotherapy, neurofeedback and medication are methods of improving a persons functioning as an individual, in a couple or a family. It is a mind/body approach. Two novel high reward and very low risk methods that are just now emerging into the professional healing process internationally, they are LENS neurofeedback and LDN. They can be synergistic when used together.

    Please read the FAQs for both of these on the back pages of this website.

    Psychotherapy, medication and neurofeedback can be given by the same Dr at one location. Treatment does not have to be split between professionals unless collaboration is the best treatment option.

 Confidentiality & Payment

  • No Electronic Medical Record
  • Payments Directly to the Doctor.
  • Insurance
    • Out of Network
    • Not a Medicare Provider


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