Meyer Rohtbart M.D.

  1. -Dr. Meyer Rohtbart forms a respectful relationship with the patient and often other relatives and caregivers. This allows for accurate and efficient treatment of current emotional pain.

  2. -Both Psycho-therapy and/or medication can be done at the same location with same person.  This avoids miscommunication between two busy professionals in different offices. Dr. Rohtbart treats the following conditions with both Psycho-therapy and/or medication as indicated:
        - ADD/ADHD
        - Anxiety Disorders
        - Mood Disorders
        - Couples Therapy

  1. -For the individual: medicine and psychotherapy for the individual as needed.

  1. -For the family system-education, therapy and medication as needed.



  1. -Psychiatry
        - ADD/ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders

  2. -Couples Therapy

  3. -Family Therapy

  4. -Addiction Recovery Services

  5. -Family Business Consulting

  6. -Executive Coaching



  1. -30+ years as a psychotherapist, psychiatrist and therapeutic humor researcher

  2. -Providing clinical services to individuals, couples, groups and families

  3. -Faculty member of University of Pennsylvania school of medicine

  4. -Director Depression Research Clinic H.U.P 1975-79


191 Presidential Blvd, Suite 110

Bala Cynwyd, PA  19004



Confidentiality & Payment

  1. -Out of network provider.

  2. -Not a medicare provider.